Welcome to the Simfone WikiEdit

Welcome to the universe of Simfone! This is an ever-expanding sci-fi universe that I (Mikey) have made on my freetime for a while. Simfone is the main planet, but there's a whole universe around it to be explored and built! If you want to help set up the wiki, critique a submission or add an idea, please run your submissions by me BEFORE adding them via Facebook message if you know me in person or by my e-mail - All contributions are very greatly appreciated, though there are a specific set of guidelines that submissions must follow.

This is heavily in progress, and you may want to wait a bit to add anything until the universe's framework is sturdy. Eventually, I'd like it to become tabletop-RPG-friendly, and possibly design a system for it.

Rules of contributing to the universe:Edit

  • All new ideas must be approved by me before added (email above)
  • No magic/orcs/elves/whatever. This is a strictly science fiction universe, and most fantasy elements do not belong here.
  • Don't edit another person's contribution randomly, unless you see something that violates these rules on it. If you want to edit someone's pre-existing contribution, ask me first. This is just my way of keeping track of things.
  • Contributions should look like a wiki page. They should not be laid out in a story-like format, but they should be informative. For an example of how a wiki page "should look", try browsing Wookieepedia. That's a great wiki.
  • You will sometimes find a "Work in progress" notice, because not all articless can be written in one sitting. These articles should be avoided and left for the person who started it to finish.
  • At the end of an article you may post, please credit yourself.
  • This one's important - before you post an article, please read up on existing articles! You don't want to make this a big jumble of conflicting information.

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